Dogs at the Movies!

My mum loves going to the cinema. She likes comedies and dramas and she loves the trailers. (And sitting in the dark eating nachos). But she’s never taken me with her even though I would really clearly like to go. (I like to go everywhere with Mum plus I also really really like nachos.) Normally, when she goes she kisses us goodbye and we sit on the sofa peering out of the window waiting for her to come back and tell us all about it. (She tells us everything.)

But a couple of weeks ago Mum said she was taking me to the cinema! Dottie couldn’t go because she’s not fond of the tube, Mum said, and Pippa couldn’t go because she will only do things if all three of us are involved, plus Mum is not sure she would like the tube either, so it was just me, Mum and my human sister, GOING TO THE CINEMA!!!!!  Continue reading