Now We Are Three!

It’s time I introduced you to my new sister. Her name is Pippa and she has been living with us since just before Christmas.

We all went to Surrey to meet her and we got to wander round a field with her, just like I did when we chose Dottie. I don’t think Pippa was that keen on living with us but Mum told her it would be much better once she got to know us and so we brought her home.

It took Pippa a long time to feel happy. Like me, she had been raised on a puppy farm, and she wasn’t at all used to being loved. Everything about our house scared her, including our human siblings, every noise in the house, the postman, everyone who came by to say hello. She liked to stay very close to me and Dottie – sometimes too close and we had to growl at her to stop standing and jumping on us – and she had to go on walks with two leads and a harness and a coat to stop her trying to run away, but slowly slowly she has learned to snuggle next to us, not on top of us and she knows now that it’s a lot of fun living with Mum and that there are plenty of walks and snacks and cuddles. There’s no need at all to run away from us. This is home now.

She’s also learnt to use the dog flap. It took her ages but now she’s in and out and always pottering around outside, smelling the flowers and lying in the grass. She loves cuddles from Mum and she loves playing with her tennis ball. It’s an old broken tennis ball but she doesn’t like the new ones Mum bought for her. She likes paddling round the house at night, looking for snacks I think, and like us, she likes sitting on the back of the sofa, sunbathing. She loves shredding socks and cardboard boxes.

She’s a very easy going happy dog and so different to the scared and shaking dog we brought home. Mum says rescue dogs just need a lot of love and patience. They all get there in the end.