Now We Are Three!

It’s time I introduced you to my new sister. Her name is Pippa and she has been living with us since just before Christmas.

We all went to Surrey to meet her and we got to wander round a field with her, just like I did when we chose Dottie. I don’t think Pippa was that keen on living with us but Mum told her it would be much better once she got to know us and so we brought her home.

It took Pippa a long time to feel happy. Like me, she had been raised on a puppy farm, and she wasn’t at all used to being loved. Everything about our house scared her, including our human siblings, every noise in the house, the postman, everyone who came by to say hello. She liked to stay very close to me and Dottie – sometimes too close and we had to growl at her to stop standing and jumping on us – and she had to go on walks with two leads and a harness and a coat to stop her trying to run away, but slowly slowly she has learned to snuggle next to us, not on top of us and she knows now that it’s a lot of fun living with Mum and that there are plenty of walks and snacks and cuddles. There’s no need at all to run away from us. This is home now.

She’s also learnt to use the dog flap. It took her ages but now she’s in and out and always pottering around outside, smelling the flowers and lying in the grass. She loves cuddles from Mum and she loves playing with her tennis ball. It’s an old broken tennis ball but she doesn’t like the new ones Mum bought for her. She likes paddling round the house at night, looking for snacks I think, and like us, she likes sitting on the back of the sofa, sunbathing. She loves shredding socks and cardboard boxes.

She’s a very easy going happy dog and so different to the scared and shaking dog we brought home. Mum says rescue dogs just need a lot of love and patience. They all get there in the end.



Loving January

Dogs love January. Unlike humans, we don’t make long lists of resolutions and then feel sad when we don’t stick to them. For us January is a time to carry on having fun and being happy. It means a whole new 12 months to look forward to. So many possibilities. New walks to go on, new smells to follow through the fields and new dogs to make friends with and bark at.

For me January also means a chance of snow, which is one of my favourite things. I first saw snow when we moved back to England almost three years ago and it was love at first sight. I couldn’t believe how beautiful it was. Why hadn’t anyone taken me for a walk in the snow before? All that white power to run through and roll in. It was bliss. It hasn’t snowed since that first time but I’m very hopeful it will again soon. I’ve been casing out the park and working out which areas will be the best bits to race down once it snows.

Mum is not very keen on snow. She doesn’t like to be cold at all and on the frosty mornings we’ve been having she just wants to be carried everywhere. Deana scoops her up and tucks her under her arm and we walk through the forest like that. (Mum doesn’t like mud either which makes things a bit tricky considering we live right across from a very muddy forest.)



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My cousins, Dhsk and Lewis, are staying with us. It hasn’t been an easy week. DSCN1360 They’re not old like me and Mum. They rush everywhere, yap constantly and they aren’t very well behaved. Mum is funny. She’s pretending that they aren’t here. Each time they run to her to say hello, she blanks them. She won’t look at them, sniff them or be anywhere near them. I think they’ve got the message now. I don’t mind them too much, as long as they don’t try to get too many cuddles from Deana, but I prefer it when it’s just me, Mum and Deana at home.  Continue reading


I’ve tried really hard to be good and to stop running and barking at other dogs and Deana has finally decided that I can go off the lead in the park. I am so happy. She’s been trying to take pictures of me running across the grass but I’m too fast. And she’s been telling everyone that I’m ‘actually grinning’ when I run. Of course I am. I haven’t been this happy since I figured out how to use the cat-flap.



I love the park. It’s on a hill and there’s so much grass and lots of trees and dogs everywhere. I’ve started to play with other dogs that are being walked in the park which is something I’ve never done. I try really hard to behave and I am mostly good. I’ve only been put back on the lead once when I got a bit carried away with a dog in season this morning, but I don’t think that’s too bad. Mostly I just race over the grass sniffing for foxes (Deana says there was one in our front garden last night; she thinks he could smell me and Mum through the window). Lots of dogs in the park like squirrels. I’m not sure why. I’m not even sure I’ve seen one as my eye-sight is so bad and Deana says they run so fast. Sometimes you see dogs waiting under trees for them to fall off the branches like apples. Deana says that’s never going to happen and she told me that Luigi would sit under trees for hours, once for eight hour straight, ‘absolutely certain that what goes up must come down’.  Continue reading

Home at last

We’re home! In our new house with our normal beds and everything. We’ve been here a while now and me and Mum love it.

I don’t even know if we were supposed to go home but the last time Deana came to visit us at her sister’s I ran out of the yard, jumped into the driver’s seat and refused to get out. Deana laughed when I wouldn’t budge and said I was clever for knowing it was time to go but I’m not sure that it was time. I think when she saw me sitting there, under the steering wheel, she knew we had to go with her. We stayed in a kennel for a few days and had visits and walks every day but then one day we drove to our new house and we’ve been here ever since.


I like our new house because it has a garden and it smells of foxes. There’s a dark bit at the back of the garden where I like to run and bark and scare everything off. Just in case. And there’s a huge trampoline and me and Mum like to poo under it. We have a cat-flap too because we got used to one at Deana’s sister’s. I’m good at it. I go in and out whenever I feel like it, and I love that I can go into the garden whenever I want. But Mum has forgotten how to use one, even though she used to know. She stares at it and then nudges the glass door with her nose to go out that way instead. Even when she’s posted through the cat-flap, or put on the ramp that Deana made to make it even easier for her, she won’t have anything to do with the cat-flap. She says she’s never seen one before, which is a lie, and she says she’s too old to learn something new, even though it’s not new at all. She is happy though to take the salami that Deana tries to bribe her with by waving it through the cat flap. She’ll poke her head through and take it but then pretend she has no idea what a cat-flap is for. Continue reading

Back at home


We’re home! I am so excited. I don’t even mind that Deana’s washed our beds or put us in the shower ‘for a good scrub’. I did mind a lot when it was happening. I hate the bubbles and how clean I feel and how it takes ages to smell like me again, but I don’t care about any of that now.

I’ve been following Deana constantly. I’ve made sure she’s emptied all the suitcases and put them away upstairs. I’ve made sure she remembers that we refuse to eat kibble when we come back from kennels which means that me and Mum won’t go anywhere near our dog dishes without looking disgusted and so we’ve eaten all kinds of lovely things like cheese and edamame beans and sausages and mashed potato. And I’ve made sure she’s not gone away again by going in and out of her bedroom constantly. I wake her up, get a cuddle and do it all over again in an hour. She’s too tired now to even think about planning any more holidays. Continue reading


I was right to be a bit shifty about the packing and the suitcases all over the house. Deana did go away and she didn’t take us with her. Me and Mum have had to go to kennels. We’ve been here before so we should be used to it but I’m definitely not. I hate how there isn’t a sofa for us to lie on and no one feeds us bits of pizza or leftover chicken kebabs. It’s just a kennel and run, with our beds in a corner, and even though we keep peeing in our beds it just doesn’t feel like home.

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Mum is better at kennel life than I am. For a start her hearing problem means she doesn’t mind all the barking. I’m happy that everyone wants to say hello a few times, but then I want some peace and quiet. I don’t want to know that the Dachshund three kennels down can only poo if she’s taken for a walk where there’s grass, or that the labrador with the weight issues is going to devour the Chihuahua next door if he doesn’t get more kibble immediately.  And I’m not scared of the Dalmation who says he could eat me and Mum and not even notice.  I want it to be silent so I can hear Deana’s car pull up when she comes to get us. But with this lot of whiny babies I can’t hear a thing.

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