Now We Are Three!

It’s time I introduced you to my new sister. Her name is Pippa and she has been living with us since just before Christmas.

We all went to Surrey to meet her and we got to wander round a field with her, just like I did when we chose Dottie. I don’t think Pippa was that keen on living with us but Mum told her it would be much better once she got to know us and so we brought her home.

It took Pippa a long time to feel happy. Like me, she had been raised on a puppy farm, and she wasn’t at all used to being loved. Everything about our house scared her, including our human siblings, every noise in the house, the postman, everyone who came by to say hello. She liked to stay very close to me and Dottie – sometimes too close and we had to growl at her to stop standing and jumping on us – and she had to go on walks with two leads and a harness and a coat to stop her trying to run away, but slowly slowly she has learned to snuggle next to us, not on top of us and she knows now that it’s a lot of fun living with Mum and that there are plenty of walks and snacks and cuddles. There’s no need at all to run away from us. This is home now.

She’s also learnt to use the dog flap. It took her ages but now she’s in and out and always pottering around outside, smelling the flowers and lying in the grass. She loves cuddles from Mum and she loves playing with her tennis ball. It’s an old broken tennis ball but she doesn’t like the new ones Mum bought for her. She likes paddling round the house at night, looking for snacks I think, and like us, she likes sitting on the back of the sofa, sunbathing. She loves shredding socks and cardboard boxes.

She’s a very easy going happy dog and so different to the scared and shaking dog we brought home. Mum says rescue dogs just need a lot of love and patience. They all get there in the end.



I Love Being a Canine Author

Hello everyone. I can’t believe it’s nearly Christmas but it must be because Mum has been putting me in lots of different festive coats, like this snowman one. 

I’ve had a really busy time since I last wrote this blog. Our book, Happy as Harry, came out in November and Mum and I have been having lots of fun telling people all about it.

Our first interview was with audible and I had such a good time. We had to take the train to Liverpool Street and I love going on the train and exploring new places. We walked from the station to audible’s offices near Barbican and there were so many things to smell and so many people rushing past us and I loved it. I just wanted to walk as slowly as possible and take everything in. Mum was laughing lots because I normally really like being carried but this time I just wanted to walk.

Audible said that I am the first dog they’ve ever let into their studios! I had to sit on Mum’s lap while she talked about our book. She was quite nervous at first but I helped her relax by being so well behaved. I didn’t try to jump off or find a spot for a little pee; I just stayed on her lap and stared into the camera. I’m not sure I even blinked. Mum said I was a little star. ‘A total natural.’


Then we had an interview with a newspaper which meant another train (yay!) and lots more smells and again I just sat on Mum’s lap as she chatted about happiness and why I know all about it. (I do!) And our book has been in several magazines. It’s funny to think that my face has been seen by people I’ve never even sniffed.



Mum had to do radio interviews too. She wished she could have taken me with her but she couldn’t for those. She said it was a lot of fun but that she missed me heaps.

On the day we had our book launch, Mum had lots of people at our house and she was signing books and she has a little paw print that she uses instead of using my real paw print. (She knows I would lick the ink.)

I love being an author. It’s a lot of fun and I’ve got to do so many things and meet so many people. It’s the best adventure. A huge thank you to everyone who bought our book. We hope you liked it and we hope it brings you lots and lots of happiness. Love, Harry XX

Meet Harry


img_20161109_090245Hello. My name is Harry and Mum says that, as I’m almost nine, I’ve got old(ish) paws and a tail and so I can write this blog now.

I lived with Buzbuz (who used to write this) for a few months before she died. She was lovely and taught me lots of things, namely that my owner, Deana, would love me forever, which as a rescue dog, is the best news I’ve ever heard.

Let me tell you a bit about myself:

I am a small Bichon Frise, with one eye and eight teeth. I grew up on a puppy farm (or puppy mill) where I spent seven long years, used as a stud. My time at this place was awful and I saw things that no dog should ever see, but luckily I was rescued by a charity, then fostered by a lovely lady called Jane, in Somerset, and now I live with my forever family – my mum Deana, her children Bano and Sidney, and my canine sister, a Jack Russell called Dottie. img_20161029_183933

Because I am a Bichon, I am slightly obsessed with my mum and I follow her everywhere – up and down the stairs hundreds of times a day, in and out of the bathroom – and I always sleep on her when she sits down to write and stare at her when she cooks. When she pops into the garden to put something in the bins, I bark at the window and then when she comes back in I throw myself at her because she’s back! And I missed her for those ten seconds she was gone! This makes Mum laugh.

Despite my horrible early life, I am always happy. I love my life. I love adventures. I love going in the car. (I will go anywhere in the car, even if we just go round the block). I love play fighting. I love sleeping. I love being carried on our ‘walks’. There’s a lot to love in my life and I’m going to share my happy adventures with you in this blog.

I’m also on Instagram at:  Here you can see lots of pictures of Dottie and me having fun (and lots of me napping).




Spring is here

I think spring has arrived although it’s quite hard to tell as one day it’s sunny and then the next day it hails. We’ve even had snow recently. But overall I think it is here. The garden smells different and Deana’s been busy mowing the grass and planting flowers. And even though my eyesight is getting worse, when we go to the forest I can tell that everything is brighter and greener. Sometimes I don’t like this – the brightness hurts my eyes – but mostly it’s nice. The ground is harder and that means Harry doesn’t get carried over the mud (I feel a bit jealous when this happens even though I don’t like being carried myself) and there are just so many more smells to explore. Spring also means that the back door is left open for me and Harry to come and go as we please which is a good thing as the garden smells waft inside and also it means I don’t have to use the dog-flap. We have a new one and I’m not too sure how it works. Harry says it’s more or less the same as the old one but I’m not sure he’s right. If he is, why does he pee inside so much?


And we’ve been to the groomer’s too, which is another sign that spring is here. Deana decided not to cut my hair herself this year, which is a good thing as she is not very good at it. (Even I could tell I looked like a flea-bitten teddy left under a bush for years). The grooming parlour is inside the same building as the vet and I could smell the vet as soon as Deana walked us inside and I thought oh no why has she brought us here? And I started to panic breathe and have bad thoughts about Harry needing the vet, not me, but fortunately neither of us was there for the vet and we went straight into the groomer parlour, which was a huge relief. Continue reading