It snowed!

Yay! It snowed on Tuesday. I was so happy I kept popping out of my cat-flap to take a look. No one else had been in the snow in the garden, not even a fox, so it was all mine!


Mum wasn’t keen at all and when we went for a walk she kept hinting very unsubtly that she’d prefer Deana to carry her, but I had a blast. I met my friends Reg and Ella and had a good play. Mostly with Reg. Ella doesn’t really play; she just trots along and makes sure Reg keeps up. I’m not really sure why she comes out for a walk.

Reg is my best friend. He’s a Staff who lives a few doors down and he’s always extremely happy to see me. He snorts like a little happy pig and we always have a good time. Even though I don’t know how to play like other dogs he doesn’t seem to mind.


The snow was the highlight of my year so far.

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