Happy as Harry

I’m very excited and happy to tell you that as well as following Mum all over the house, I have been very busy writing a book: Happy as Harry.

Mum’s name is on the book as well because she’s much better with a keyboard than I am (something to do with having thumbs, she said).

Here it is, with me on the front.

It is a book filled with my top tips and advice on how to be happy every day. And I should know, because despite everything I’ve been through I am always happy. This book has chapters on love, relationships, parenting, grief, work and having fun. There’s also a chapter on sleep – one of my favourite activities. Dottie has helped me some of her own tips, as have lots of my friends in the park.

Headline is our publisher. Mum had to take me and Dottie to their huge offices in London. We had to take a train and a cab to get there. There was so much to see and sniff that we were so excited by the time our meeting started. And then people kept taking pictures of me, which I loved. Every one at Headline seems to love dogs. I felt very special. Mum tells me this every day, but it’s also nice when other people tell me that I am too.

We’ve also had a photoshoot – that’s how they got me looking so handsome on the book’s cover. Dottie loved that part of it. She wanted to be in all the photos too. We had to eat a lot of treats that day, to make sure we were looking at the camera. It was fabulous.

I hope you like my book. I hope my tips help you to be happy every day, and I hope it makes you smile.

Harry xx



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