Meet Harry


img_20161109_090245Hello. My name is Harry and Mum says that, as I’m almost nine, I’ve got old(ish) paws and a tail and so I can write this blog now.

I lived with Buzbuz (who used to write this) for a few months before she died. She was lovely and taught me lots of things, namely that my owner, Deana, would love me forever, which as a rescue dog, is the best news I’ve ever heard.

Let me tell you a bit about myself:

I am a small Bichon Frise, with one eye and eight teeth. I grew up on a puppy farm (or puppy mill) where I spent seven long years, used as a stud. My time at this place was awful and I saw things that no dog should ever see, but luckily I was rescued by a charity, then fostered by a lovely lady called Jane, in Somerset, and now I live with my forever family – my mum Deana, her children Bano and Sidney, and my canine sister, a Jack Russell called Dottie. img_20161029_183933

Because I am a Bichon, I am slightly obsessed with my mum and I follow her everywhere – up and down the stairs hundreds of times a day, in and out of the bathroom – and I always sleep on her when she sits down to write and stare at her when she cooks. When she pops into the garden to put something in the bins, I bark at the window and then when she comes back in I throw myself at her because she’s back! And I missed her for those ten seconds she was gone! This makes Mum laugh.

Despite my horrible early life, I am always happy. I love my life. I love adventures. I love going in the car. (I will go anywhere in the car, even if we just go round the block). I love play fighting. I love sleeping. I love being carried on our ‘walks’. There’s a lot to love in my life and I’m going to share my happy adventures with you in this blog.

I’m also on Instagram at:  Here you can see lots of pictures of Dottie and me having fun (and lots of me napping).




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