Merry Christmas

Christmas is round the corner which means lots of turkey for me and Mum. It also means that sometimes Deana makes us wear Christmas outfits (which Mum got away with this year). So, here it is: a Merry Christmas from me, Deana and Mum (who got to sit in the December sunshine instead of wearing a festive Alice band). XXX

DSCN2679 DSCN2647

Back at the Vet’s

Poor Mum is not well at all. She’s been to the vet’s about four times over the last two weeks and she hates it. She’s had pills and injections and on Monday when we went the nurse told Deana that she should think about putting Mum down and that very probably I’d die soon afterwards too, “because that’s what happens when you have two. They pine for each other.” Deana burst into tears and I wish I could have told her that even though Mum is really ill we’re not going anywhere fast whatever that nurse says. It’s times like this that I wish I had human words. But all I could do was look as healthy and happy as possible, so there was none of my usual antics and panic at the vets. No panting and trying to escape through the door. No throwing myself off the vet’s table. I held it together really well. When we got home Mum said she was really proud of me.


Anyway we were back at the vet this morning and he said that the new pills were working and that Mum was a lot better which Deana said means she doesn’t have to think about anything horrible for now. Mum has to take pills for the rest of her life. Heart pills and lung pills. And these pills mean she’s going to be peeing even more than she already does. Deana says we won’t be going back to the vet for a long time. That she will keep Mum going for as long as she can.  Continue reading

Hello Again

It’s been ages since I said hello but I’ve been very busy helping my owner Deana finish her Masters.


She decided that her final project would be a book about being happy, written by me. It took so much time for me to tell her everything I know about happiness (lots!) and we had to spend ages in the kitchen at her desk. By the end I almost wished I knew a little bit less about being happy, but now it’s done and me and Mum are having nice long walks again and I can fit under the desk (one of my favourite napping spots) now that all the books and papers have been cleared out. There’s also more time for cuddles on the sofa and trips in the car. Deana says she will never study like this again so I think the extra cuddles, long walks and car rides are here to stay. Continue reading