It’s been ages since I wrote anything. I’ve had a few changes to get used to.


Firstly, my hearing’s gone, like my mum, Cinderella. I’m not totally deaf, like she is, but I can’t hear much anymore. My mum doesn’t seem to mind at all but I keep getting lost in the woods and Deana has to come and find me. She has to wave her arms at me, but because my eyesight isn’t so good, there’s no point unless she’s really close. I thought my eyesight might get better if my hearing went. That would make sense.  But it didn’t. So now I can’t see or hear well. It makes Deana sad. She says I’m very old now, even though Mum’s still running around at 15.

It’s funny that even though I can’t hear much, Deana still chats to me, as though I can. I can hear her when I’m sitting on her lap. She still tells me everything. She tells me she loves me and that I am beautiful and she tells me what she can see when we’re in the park. Squirrels, swans and cygnets, ducks and ducklings, coots and their babies. She tells me each time she sees a rat or a vole and each time we pass flowers she likes. I’m distracted by all these things, which is why I keep getting lost. Never for more than a minute. Never lost in a scary way. Deana always comes rushing to find me. I think she gets distracted too. I think spring is a nice change – much nicer than losing my hearing – and I don’t mind if I don’t ever get used to it – all the flowers and smells and the grass. The thing that distracts me most though are the daisies. I never saw any in Malta and I don’t remember them in Austria. Here there are fields full of them and Deana laughs when I run through them. She always tries to take a picture of me but I run through them too quickly. Today I was running through them and ran right up to a couple that were lying down under a tree, kissing. They laughed when they saw me and then carried on kissing.


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