At the Vet

I’ve just been to the vet which is never good. And I went without Mum which is always worse. I go with Mum for vaccinations which we never like but we know it’s going to be over really quickly. Without Mum it means I’m ill. When we went to live with Deana we went for a check-up at the vet in Malta and she found I had breast cancer. That meant I had to go to the vet a lot, always without Mum. I had two operations to have the tumours removed and I had lots of stitches. It wasn’t a good time. I couldn’t run or even walk very fast and everyone looked at my scars when we did go for walks. The worst bit though was that Mum wouldn’t be in the same room as me. She’s apologised for it but it hurt my feelings. She said she doesn’t like the smell of operations and stitches, which I think is strange for someone who smells quite badly herself, but anyway, none of that matters now. When it was over and I was well again, I was so happy even though I still had to keep going to the vet so that she could check for lumps in case the cancer came back. Continue reading