I was right to be a bit shifty about the packing and the suitcases all over the house. Deana did go away and she didn’t take us with her. Me and Mum have had to go to kennels. We’ve been here before so we should be used to it but I’m definitely not. I hate how there isn’t a sofa for us to lie on and no one feeds us bits of pizza or leftover chicken kebabs. It’s just a kennel and run, with our beds in a corner, and even though we keep peeing in our beds it just doesn’t feel like home.

til end march 09 266

Mum is better at kennel life than I am. For a start her hearing problem means she doesn’t mind all the barking. I’m happy that everyone wants to say hello a few times, but then I want some peace and quiet. I don’t want to know that the Dachshund three kennels down can only poo if she’s taken for a walk where there’s grass, or that the labrador with the weight issues is going to devour the Chihuahua next door if he doesn’t get more kibble immediately.  And I’m not scared of the Dalmation who says he could eat me and Mum and not even notice.  I want it to be silent so I can hear Deana’s car pull up when she comes to get us. But with this lot of whiny babies I can’t hear a thing.

Mum has got really into the swing of things. She’s always been a bit loud but now she’s barking from the moment she wakes up until well after all the other dogs have given up and gone to sleep. She’s telling all kinds of stories. Some of them are really embarrassing. Last night I kept nudging her to give it a rest but she said it was fun and it reminds her of being young and the cutest dog by far in any kennel she went to and how all other dogs would talk about how beautiful she was. She said a lot more but I stuck my paws in my ears and thought about Deana.

I’m worried about her because I think she’s gone far away. She was talking about visas and passports and plane tickets. Part of me is really glad that me and Mum didn’t have to go on a plane again, but part of me thinks it would have been better if we had gone because then I could have kept an eye on her. I don’t know who’s taking care of her and who she’s talking to. What is she forgets to come back?

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