Walks with Mum

Mum went on holiday without me and Pippa. Again. She knew I wasn’t happy as I napped in her open suitcase and crumpled up the clothes she was taking, but she still went. Whilst she was away having fun without us, we had to stay at home with our human sister, who we’ve been blanking since she went to university, so that was a bit awkward. We refused to go for walks with her but we did let her cuddle us so Mum says progress has been made.

Now Mum’s back she’s been taking us on some extra long walks to make up for leaving us behind. I know they’re not as exciting as a trip to Iceland (I would have loved to have seen a geyser; Pippa would have panicked and bolted) but they’re nice walks all the same. We’ve been along the river in Richmond with our human brother in tow (I never blank him; Pippa does occasionally), sniffing other dogs and running along the paths, and this weekend Mum took us for a ramble around Chesham Bois.

It was all going very well until we got to a river. Mum and Chris leapt over and for some reason they thought we would do the same. Instead, Pippa had a lie down and I just stared at the water. So then Mum leapt back over to our side of the river and walked us downstream until she found some stepping stones.

As Mum tried to convince us that jumping from one slippery log to another was a good plan, Pippa had another lie down and I looked the other way. So Mum tried carrying us across the stepping stones which was never going to happen, and then she took her socks and shoes off and tried to carry us across that way. Which was also never going to happen. Eventually Mum took the hint and decided to find a road to get us to the other side. I don’t understand how she’s forgotten we just don’t do water.

River crossing avoided, we had a lot of fun running up hills and across wheat fields, staying close to Chris (Mum says we’re obsessed) and letting her take lots of pictures of us, which always seems to make her happy.

Dottie, birthday girl

I was eight yesterday. Or thereabouts. Mum says we don’t know exactly when I was born but June 1st is an ideal time to celebrate my birthday. So, happy birthday to me!

I started the day in the most excellent way – by not going for a walk. Mum put my collar on and went through her normal repertoire of phrases to get us moving: ‘Let’s go! It’s lovely outside. You know you want to. Shall I carry you?’ etc. I let her run through them all and then sat down. Normally she needs me to be a bit more difficult before she caves but she said as it was my birthday if I really really didn’t want to go for a walk then I didn’t have to. Hurrah!

Then it was time for my birthday scotch egg, which is something we always do in our family. For some reason we’re not allowed to have our birthday egg until Mum’s stuck a candle in it and got everyone present to sing ‘Happy Birthday’. Chris got really into the singing despite not having being awake very long and held me and the scotch egg whilst Mum took pictures and beamed at me. And then, finally, I was able to get to my egg.

Pippa, despite not being the birthday girl, had one too. She ate hers in seconds and then tried to eat mine, but Mum said she had to behave herself and so she did.

After that there was some playing with my favourite toy, Alan. He’s called Alan because Mum thought he was a partridge. He is actually and very clearly a pheasant but the name has stuck. I like throwing Alan around the living room, biting, shredding and rolling on him. Great fun!

We did go on a walk later but a really short one involving a lot of tree sniffing, sitting in the middle of the road and being carried. And then I spent most of the day lounging about on Mum and Chris’ big bed, sunbathing and napping and dreaming of finding more scotch eggs under the duvet.

Dottie’s Turn

I’m Dottie. You might have heard of me in Harry’s posts. I’m a rescue Jack Russell who’s hugely loved by my mum, Deana, and my sister Pippa. I’ve never written anything before. Partly because I didn’t have old paws or a tail, but mostly because Harry used to write these posts, and before Harry, it was Buzbuz who wrote about the fun things she did with Mum. I never got to meet Buzbuz but I know that Mum, heartbroken, went to rescue me shortly after she died. But I knew and loved Harry. He was my friend, my brother and my pack leader. Harry died last year and we all really miss him, especially Mum. She has pictures of him all over the house and she often talks to him in the garden where he’s buried, or whenever she thinks he is close by. She says he was the best friend she’s ever had and that that kind of friendship comes once in a lifetime. And so she feels happy and lucky, as well as very sad. But one day, she knows, the sadness will start to grow smaller, and the happiness will fill the space it leaves behind. (She learnt that from Harry. He wrote a whole chapter about saying goodbye).

And so now, as I’m about to turn eight which Mum says means I have quite old paws and a tail, it is my turn to tell you about my life and how happy I am to have a family that loves and takes care of me.

A lot has changed since the last post. Now, Pippa and I live not just with Mum but with her boyfriend, Chris. I love him and I stare at him all the time, whatever he’s doing, to make sure he knows. And Pippa and I try to see who can sit the closest to him. Pippa usually wins as she seems to fold herself around his neck as he sits on the sofa. Our human siblings are both at university which means we don’t see very much of them and when we do see them we often pretend we don’t recognise them. We’re pack animals and we do really like to keep everyone together. We’ve also moved from East London to South West London and now have walks by the river instead of the forest, and have different trees and lampposts to focus on. It’s lovely.

What hasn’t changed is that we still sit with Mum when she writes and we still get to listen to her new stories before anyone else. She knows that we are great listeners and she says she wouldn’t ever be able to spend this much time writing if we weren’t next to her. We make sure she never feels lonely, which she says, is quite a wonderful thing for a writer.

Another thing that hasn’t changed is that we still go for lots of walks. Mum is a really early riser and honestly, we’re not always ready for a walk when she is. She often has to carry us to the end of the street or crouch down and whisper encouragement to us to take a few more steps. Harry was always carried, every day, and he loved it. I used to wonder why. But now Mum carries me, I can see why it was one of his favourite activities. Being carried means I’m hugged by Mum and I can see so much more than I would on the ground. It really is the ideal way to get around. Pippa and I need less encouragement when the walks are later in the day – one of those walks where Mum pops us in the car and drives us somewhere new, or when she takes us on the train. I’m not too sure what I think of trains but I do like the walks we go on when we get off.

On Saturday Mum took us to Hyde Park. She often used to walk her first dogs there – Border Terriers called Alfredo and Luigi – and she told us all about them when she walked us around the paths and The Serpentine. I think one of them may have been a bit naughty, but Mum said she loved them both to pieces, just like she loves us.

It was lovely going somewhere new. Harry always loved going to new places. And some of his sense of adventure has rubbed off on me. I want to go everywhere now. I want to see as many places as I can see and have new experiences, as long as Mum is with me.

Dogs at the Movies!

My mum loves going to the cinema. She likes comedies and dramas and she loves the trailers. (And sitting in the dark eating nachos). But she’s never taken me with her even though I would really clearly like to go. (I like to go everywhere with Mum plus I also really really like nachos.) Normally, when she goes she kisses us goodbye and we sit on the sofa peering out of the window waiting for her to come back and tell us all about it. (She tells us everything.)

But a couple of weeks ago Mum said she was taking me to the cinema! Dottie couldn’t go because she’s not fond of the tube, Mum said, and Pippa couldn’t go because she will only do things if all three of us are involved, plus Mum is not sure she would like the tube either, so it was just me, Mum and my human sister, GOING TO THE CINEMA!!!!!  Continue reading

Now We Are Three!

It’s time I introduced you to my new sister. Her name is Pippa and she has been living with us since just before Christmas.

We all went to Surrey to meet her and we got to wander round a field with her, just like I did when we chose Dottie. I don’t think Pippa was that keen on living with us but Mum told her it would be much better once she got to know us and so we brought her home.

It took Pippa a long time to feel happy. Like me, she had been raised on a puppy farm, and she wasn’t at all used to being loved. Everything about our house scared her, including our human siblings, every noise in the house, the postman, everyone who came by to say hello. She liked to stay very close to me and Dottie – sometimes too close and we had to growl at her to stop standing and jumping on us – and she had to go on walks with two leads and a harness and a coat to stop her trying to run away, but slowly slowly she has learned to snuggle next to us, not on top of us and she knows now that it’s a lot of fun living with Mum and that there are plenty of walks and snacks and cuddles. There’s no need at all to run away from us. This is home now.

She’s also learnt to use the dog flap. It took her ages but now she’s in and out and always pottering around outside, smelling the flowers and lying in the grass. She loves cuddles from Mum and she loves playing with her tennis ball. It’s an old broken tennis ball but she doesn’t like the new ones Mum bought for her. She likes paddling round the house at night, looking for snacks I think, and like us, she likes sitting on the back of the sofa, sunbathing. She loves shredding socks and cardboard boxes.

She’s a very easy going happy dog and so different to the scared and shaking dog we brought home. Mum says rescue dogs just need a lot of love and patience. They all get there in the end.



I Love Being a Canine Author

Hello everyone. I can’t believe it’s nearly Christmas but it must be because Mum has been putting me in lots of different festive coats, like this snowman one. 

I’ve had a really busy time since I last wrote this blog. Our book, Happy as Harry, came out in November and Mum and I have been having lots of fun telling people all about it.

Our first interview was with audible and I had such a good time. We had to take the train to Liverpool Street and I love going on the train and exploring new places. We walked from the station to audible’s offices near Barbican and there were so many things to smell and so many people rushing past us and I loved it. I just wanted to walk as slowly as possible and take everything in. Mum was laughing lots because I normally really like being carried but this time I just wanted to walk.

Audible said that I am the first dog they’ve ever let into their studios! I had to sit on Mum’s lap while she talked about our book. She was quite nervous at first but I helped her relax by being so well behaved. I didn’t try to jump off or find a spot for a little pee; I just stayed on her lap and stared into the camera. I’m not sure I even blinked. Mum said I was a little star. ‘A total natural.’


Then we had an interview with a newspaper which meant another train (yay!) and lots more smells and again I just sat on Mum’s lap as she chatted about happiness and why I know all about it. (I do!) And our book has been in several magazines. It’s funny to think that my face has been seen by people I’ve never even sniffed.



Mum had to do radio interviews too. She wished she could have taken me with her but she couldn’t for those. She said it was a lot of fun but that she missed me heaps.

On the day we had our book launch, Mum had lots of people at our house and she was signing books and she has a little paw print that she uses instead of using my real paw print. (She knows I would lick the ink.)

I love being an author. It’s a lot of fun and I’ve got to do so many things and meet so many people. It’s the best adventure. A huge thank you to everyone who bought our book. We hope you liked it and we hope it brings you lots and lots of happiness. Love, Harry XX

Happy as Harry

I’m very excited and happy to tell you that as well as following Mum all over the house, I have been very busy writing a book: Happy as Harry.

Mum’s name is on the book as well because she’s much better with a keyboard than I am (something to do with having thumbs, she said).

Here it is, with me on the front.

It is a book filled with my top tips and advice on how to be happy every day. And I should know, because despite everything I’ve been through I am always happy. This book has chapters on love, relationships, parenting, grief, work and having fun. There’s also a chapter on sleep – one of my favourite activities. Dottie has helped me some of her own tips, as have lots of my friends in the park.

Headline is our publisher. Mum had to take me and Dottie to their huge offices in London. We had to take a train and a cab to get there. There was so much to see and sniff that we were so excited by the time our meeting started. And then people kept taking pictures of me, which I loved. Every one at Headline seems to love dogs. I felt very special. Mum tells me this every day, but it’s also nice when other people tell me that I am too.

We’ve also had a photoshoot – that’s how they got me looking so handsome on the book’s cover. Dottie loved that part of it. She wanted to be in all the photos too. We had to eat a lot of treats that day, to make sure we were looking at the camera. It was fabulous.

I hope you like my book. I hope my tips help you to be happy every day, and I hope it makes you smile.

Harry xx



Meet Harry


img_20161109_090245Hello. My name is Harry and Mum says that, as I’m almost nine, I’ve got old(ish) paws and a tail and so I can write this blog now.

I lived with Buzbuz (who used to write this) for a few months before she died. She was lovely and taught me lots of things, namely that my owner, Deana, would love me forever, which as a rescue dog, is the best news I’ve ever heard.

Let me tell you a bit about myself:

I am a small Bichon Frise, with one eye and eight teeth. I grew up on a puppy farm (or puppy mill) where I spent seven long years, used as a stud. My time at this place was awful and I saw things that no dog should ever see, but luckily I was rescued by a charity, then fostered by a lovely lady called Jane, in Somerset, and now I live with my forever family – my mum Deana, her children Bano and Sidney, and my canine sister, a Jack Russell called Dottie. img_20161029_183933

Because I am a Bichon, I am slightly obsessed with my mum and I follow her everywhere – up and down the stairs hundreds of times a day, in and out of the bathroom – and I always sleep on her when she sits down to write and stare at her when she cooks. When she pops into the garden to put something in the bins, I bark at the window and then when she comes back in I throw myself at her because she’s back! And I missed her for those ten seconds she was gone! This makes Mum laugh.

Despite my horrible early life, I am always happy. I love my life. I love adventures. I love going in the car. (I will go anywhere in the car, even if we just go round the block). I love play fighting. I love sleeping. I love being carried on our ‘walks’. There’s a lot to love in my life and I’m going to share my happy adventures with you in this blog.

I’m also on Instagram at: https://www.instagram.com/happyasharry1/  Here you can see lots of pictures of Dottie and me having fun (and lots of me napping).




Sleep well, Buzbuz

I’m very sad to write that my wonderful dog Buzbuz, the voice of these blogs, died in spring, shortly after the last post.

I’m not sure what I will do with the blog as it was all about her, but I wanted to say what an amazing dog Buzbuz was and how much she is missed. I don’t think she was ever the same after Cinderella died. She missed her mum and missed knowing what she was supposed to do: Cinderella had been in charge since Buzbuz was born. She pined for her mum and retreated inside herself. I think she had some sort of dementia and would wander around the house looking as though she didn’t know where she was. Her last day was spent being cuddled on the sofa, in a blanket in my arms. She stayed there the whole day. I think she knew it was time to go and I think she was ready.

She was very much MY dog and I will miss her forever. I will especially miss all the times she would come and sit close by me, fix her eyes on me and hum and mutter as though she had so many things to tell me. I will miss stroking that beautiful red coat and watching her disco dancing on the carpet, begging for more tickles with her tiny paws.

Thank you for all the love and happy memories. XXX

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